The web analytics gurus. 

Tag Planet consists of several leading edge developers, specializing in quality websites based off of your web analytics data. We can provide full web analytics audits, help with redesigns, and develop custom web applications. We also give back to the community with various analytics-based open source projects and developer tools.

About Us

Implementation analysis

Incomplete or dirty data can be a lot worse than no data; driving you to misinformed decisions. We can do a full analytics audit to see if you're getting most from your implementation.

Optimize your funnel

Not getting as many sales as you think you should? Let us analyze your shopping cart funnel today!

Redesign consulting

Planning on redesigning your website? Make sure your new design will help and not hurt you first.

Analyze data

Too much data to dig through? We can help analyze your data!

Custom Coding

We not only provide analytics implementations, but our developers can also create your entire site from the group up.

Help & Support

We're there every step of the way to make sure your website has a high ROI.


Below is just a taste of some of the projects we've developed

Coming soon!

Yii: Google Analytics

Yii: Piwik

Yii: SiteCatalyst

Yii: WebTrends


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